A Bride’s Makeup Is An Important Part Of Having Great Wedding Photos

When planning your wedding, you’re probably focusing on your dress, the food, the ceremony location, the flowers, and the entertainment. But it’s important to remember that your wedding day makeup is just as important as all of the other larger details. Every bride wants great wedding photos taken, and the makeup of the bride and bridesmaids can take the photos from great to spectacular.

A professional makeup artist that specialises in weddings is a great investment for brides and the bridal party. A professional makeup artist knows how to apply makeup so that it enhances all your positive features, – great eyes, lips or cheekbones! Professional make up will last better through the long hours of a wedding day and through all those hugs and kisses. It will photograph well, and this can make the wedding photographer’s job a lot easier. But if a makeup artist isn’t in your budget, there are tips and tricks you can use to make sure your makeup shows up well in photographs.

How Makeup Affects Your Wedding Photographs

The more dramatic your makeup, the more it will stand out in the pictures. Some brides are surprised to see that their makeup doesn’t show up well, or even washes them out a bit, when viewing their wedding photos. When discussing photography with your wedding photographer see if they have any makeup artists they recommend. It doesn’t hurt to do a trial with a makeup artist to get an idea of the look you want.

The makeup you choose should also be able to last from the ceremony through the reception. Since wedding photography encompasses everything from before the ceremony until the last guest leaves, you don’t want your makeup sliding or flaking off before you’ve had a chance to cut the cake. Always use a reputable brand, preferably waterproof, especially when dealing with varying temperatures and humidity. It’s a good idea to stay away from shiny make up, and make up that has glitter in it. These preparations don’t photograph well. The shiny makeup can make you look sweaty and the glitter make up can photograph as “white flecks”.

Tips and Tricks for Wedding Day Makeup

The makeup colours you choose for you and your bridesmaids should complement each other. Let your bridal party know that you want all of them to create a smoky eye effect with their shadow or that you want neutral eyes and bright lips. This way, you all complement each other in the pictures.

Be careful that the makeup you choose doesn’t make you look like you’re sweating. If you’re having a Perth wedding, the climate can range from cool to hot, and you may wish to add a little extra colour for a winter wedding. Glitter can reflect light and too much shimmer can make your skin appear moist rather than vibrant.

Don’t overdo the bronzer. While no bride wants to appear pale in her pictures, too much bronzer can make you look orange. It’s also important that you pay attention to how well you blend your makeup. You don’t want your wedding photos to show you with a dark face and pale neck and shoulders.

You may want to time your make up trial to fit in with your wedding photographers pre wedding shoot. This way you can ask to view the images to see how you like the make up, and you can make any necessary changes before the wedding.

Once you’ve decided on the look you want for you and your bridal party, make an appointment with a makeup artist or get together with your bridesmaids to practice your wedding day makeup. With the very personal decisions like hair and makeup styles always listen to what the professional recommend but make sure you’re comfortable with the result. This way you’ll have created a beautiful wedding day look that stays put until you wave good-by.

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Limousines in Perth – Booking Tips

Limousines in Perth are fantastic for when you want to make stylish entry. They are also really good when you and your party want to get to an event and back without an encounter with a dreaded booze bus. Limousines used to be the transport of choice for rock stars and wannabe’s but now things have changed, and Perth’s limousine industry has made it possible for anyone to feel special by being transported around in the lap of luxury.

Traveling in a limousine is like living the 5 star lifestyle; if only for a short time. If you are going to a wedding or an event with friends then fun starts as soon as you climb aboard. Who cares if the Freeway is a car park when you can be sipping a quiet glass of chardonnay with friends and enjoying yourself.

Its not just weddings and parties that are great for limousine hire but even trips to Perth Airport are enhanced by a limo service. Even trips to and from medical procedures are a popular booking for the limo companies. Who wouldn’t want to be isolated from the world in your very own space if you are not feeling too well.

Here are some tips for those not used to limo hire. As we all know Perth is in the grip of a mining boom, and many businesses are struggling to keep up with demand. Limousine companies are no exception particularly on the weekends. So if you have a weekend event make sure you book it a couple of months in advance.

When booking the limo keep in mind the number of passengers both to the event and also back.( You may be bringing extras home). Make sure you have a clear understanding of the seating to avoid any disappointments.

You might take air-conditioning for granted in your own car but be aware that some of the older classic type of vehicle may not have good air-conditioning. I remember being at a Perth wedding on a 40 degree day and the bridal party arriving in a magnificent Rolls with faces as red as lobsters. Be sure to enquire about the AC.

When you make the booking make sure it is all in writing. You want the contract to state the details of the reservation including the amount of deposit paid and the details of the cancellation policy. Also be sure to know the cost of extra hours of hire should your event go for longer than you have anticipated.

Here is an absolute must. The Limousine company must get a written copy of your schedule. Include details of the entrance you want to be dropped off at. You wouldn’t want to miss the red carpet and photographers by being dropped off at the side entrance.

The final thing to remember is that you get what you pay for. So don’t always choose based on price alone. A good professional Perth limousine service can make or break your event.

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How to Achieve Good Wedding Photos

Weddings are events worth remembering. Sometime in the future, you may want to sit down, look at your wedding albums, and reminisce on the memories of your special day. You want to make these moments perfect so document your wedding with professional photographers. They can help capture the occasion and produce good pictures that may last a lifetime.

Your wedding deserves only the reliable services. Hire photographers who have expertise and experience in the field. While their skills contribute to the quality of images, your part comes in the preparations. Read on to know how you can help the photographers during your wedding.


Your wedding date is important. If it falls in winter, the photographers may need to watch over the temperature and secure their cameras. Cold weather usually brings moist and haze in the images. You can help them, however, by providing warm spots in the venue. It may be a fireplace or a candle that can resist the climate and protect the gadgets from freezing.


Wedding photography may rely on the environment and its ambiance. Church ceremonies usually need lighting equipment to illuminate the pavements and aisle. These help the photographers achieve the natural glow of the glass and stones against the sun. Your choice of cathedral matters on this part. Look at where the light comes in and you will get the possible images in your mind.

Outdoor weddings are always fun to shoot. You do not have to think about the source of light. You can just decorate the place and arrange the venue of your wedding.


Photographers can make wedding dresses and suits stand out. For brides who wear gowns embellished with stones, the sparkle can reflect and make her look radiant in the photo. Grooms can also appear striking in their ensemble with the right angle and amount of light. You do not have to change the style of your wedding outfits, though. The photographer may focus on or emphasize the accessories of the couple.


Photographers may not take great photos with many people around. Cramming your guests in a small venue limits their movement. They may find it difficult to look for good angles. Help them by organizing your venue and guest list. Assign tables for specific visitors so they do not have to get in the way of photographers. An effective floor plan may be enough to guide your guests during the ceremony.


Most couples look for creative ideas to make the event remarkable. This can be a segment in the reception that tells their story or introduces their families. The bride also has to toss the bouquet, the groom the garter. The photographers can prepare for these if they are aware of the program. Make sure that it runs smoothly and there are staff who can assist the visitors.

Make your wedding extra special by hiring trusted photographers. These professionals know the principles of Perth wedding photography and ways to produce good images for your album.

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Hi there, my name is Angelina Hudson and I am a wedding planner who works with a Perth wedding photography company. I also love traveling and hiking.