A Bride’s Makeup Is An Important Part Of Having Great Wedding Photos

When planning your wedding, you’re probably focusing on your dress, the food, the ceremony location, the flowers, and the entertainment. But it’s important to remember that your wedding day makeup is just as important as all of the other larger details. Every bride wants great wedding photos taken, and the makeup of the bride and bridesmaids can take the photos from great to spectacular.

A professional makeup artist that specialises in weddings is a great investment for brides and the bridal party. A professional makeup artist knows how to apply makeup so that it enhances all your positive features, – great eyes, lips or cheekbones! Professional make up will last better through the long hours of a wedding day and through all those hugs and kisses. It will photograph well, and this can make the wedding photographer’s job a lot easier. But if a makeup artist isn’t in your budget, there are tips and tricks you can use to make sure your makeup shows up well in photographs.

How Makeup Affects Your Wedding Photographs

The more dramatic your makeup, the more it will stand out in the pictures. Some brides are surprised to see that their makeup doesn’t show up well, or even washes them out a bit, when viewing their wedding photos. When discussing photography with your wedding photographer see if they have any makeup artists they recommend. It doesn’t hurt to do a trial with a makeup artist to get an idea of the look you want.

The makeup you choose should also be able to last from the ceremony through the reception. Since wedding photography encompasses everything from before the ceremony until the last guest leaves, you don’t want your makeup sliding or flaking off before you’ve had a chance to cut the cake. Always use a reputable brand, preferably waterproof, especially when dealing with varying temperatures and humidity. It’s a good idea to stay away from shiny make up, and make up that has glitter in it. These preparations don’t photograph well. The shiny makeup can make you look sweaty and the glitter make up can photograph as “white flecks”.

Tips and Tricks for Wedding Day Makeup

The makeup colours you choose for you and your bridesmaids should complement each other. Let your bridal party know that you want all of them to create a smoky eye effect with their shadow or that you want neutral eyes and bright lips. This way, you all complement each other in the pictures.

Be careful that the makeup you choose doesn’t make you look like you’re sweating. If you’re having a Perth wedding, the climate can range from cool to hot, and you may wish to add a little extra colour for a winter wedding. Glitter can reflect light and too much shimmer can make your skin appear moist rather than vibrant.

Don’t overdo the bronzer. While no bride wants to appear pale in her pictures, too much bronzer can make you look orange. It’s also important that you pay attention to how well you blend your makeup. You don’t want your wedding photos to show you with a dark face and pale neck and shoulders.

You may want to time your make up trial to fit in with your wedding photographers pre wedding shoot. This way you can ask to view the images to see how you like the make up, and you can make any necessary changes before the wedding.

Once you’ve decided on the look you want for you and your bridal party, make an appointment with a makeup artist or get together with your bridesmaids to practice your wedding day makeup. With the very personal decisions like hair and makeup styles always listen to what the professional recommend but make sure you’re comfortable with the result. This way you’ll have created a beautiful wedding day look that stays put until you wave good-by.

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