Choosing The Wedding Videography Style That Will Fit Your Personality

Everyone has an idea of his or her dream wedding-the venue, theme, entourage and the vows. If you are one of those who are close to fulfilling that dream, then congratulations! Now, for you to be able to look back on your special day, you may consider getting professional wedding videography services.

If you are keeping a tight budget, then asking a friend or relative to take your wedding video can be a good money-saver. However, wedding videography needs knowledge and skills to be able to create an exceptional output. Honestly, hiring a professional wedding videographer is a better idea, for you to be able to relive your wedding day through a well-made, high definition video. Besides, you do not get to marry every day, do you? So splurging on this lifetime memento is a choice you will not regret.

Wedding Videography Styles

As your wedding day draws closer, you may feel thrilled and frightened at the same time. This is a normal sentiment since your wedding would mark a new chapter of your life. And if you want to make your big day more special, then a professionally-made wedding video will make it happen.

However, different people have different wants. So, to give your wedding videos a personal touch, you can choose from the following videography styles that will suit your needs:

• Traditional. This wedding videography style presents an output requiring minimal editing and amateur qualities. The main intention for this style is to provide you with a more personal tone or a feeling of home. Usually, one camera can suffice for this style so if you are watching your budget, then this may be a good choice.

• Cinematic. As the name implies, your video would appear like a movie. If you choose this style, then a more professional output would be presented to you, including cool background music and sound effects to will make you feel like a star on your very own wedding film.

• Journalistic or documentary. This wedding videography style is probably the most popular. If you want your wedding ceremony and reception to be filmed like a documentary, where moments are captured as they happen and no direction is provided, then this style is the one for you. A story about how you started with your better half will be told through the film, including interviews from your family and friends and candid moments during your big day.

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Tips For An Excellent Wedding Video

You will soon be tying the knot with your special someone and you will be starting your very own family-how exciting! But prior to the wedding, certain preparations should be made, including the venue, dresses, flowers, catering services, souvenirs, wedding cake, and the list goes on. And aside from these necessities, a professionally-made wedding video is also a current trend that you may want to try.

You get to marry once so why not fulfil your dream wedding? Choose your preferred setting, theme, food and other elements of the wedding, for this is your day-you should be happy and satisfied. And for you to be able to revisit the moments of your wedding day, then one of the mementos that you should get is a wedding video. Besides, photographs do not always capture those special moments and feelings the way videos can.

How to Achieve a Great Wedding Video

Different wedding videographers may have different shooting and editing techniques. So to be able to choose the team that can cater to your needs, you should have a thorough assessment of the company’s experience, wedding videography styles and the wedding packages they offer.

To further help you get a high quality wedding video, here are some tips:

• Ask your family and friends if they can recommend any wedding videographers who could provide reliable services. You can also read client testimonials to know which company is right for you.

• Have a word with the videographer ahead of time so that you can discuss about the details of your wedding day-the setting, programme and your preferred wedding videography style.

• Encourage your family, friends and other guests to share memories of you or to give special messages.

• Ensure that you get good audio. Verify from the videographer if they provide a microphone or a lapel mic to make sure the readings, music and vows will be clearly heard when you watch the wedding video yourself.

• Inform the venue management in advance that your wedding video is important to you so that they can make necessary adjustments in the lighting and other set-up to ensure that you get a video with brilliant quality.

• Choose from the different wedding video packages offered. There are packages that provide a second cameraman to cover moments in the groom’s and bride’s homes and to capture even more detailed occurrences of your special day.

Your wedding is definitely one of the highlights of your life. Thus, you should not settle for anything less than you deserve. With a professional team, every precious moment of your wedding day will be captured beautifully and you’ll have memories you will treasure for a lifetime.

The Photographer’s Guide to Become a Wedding Photographer

Photographers can make a good living out of becoming a wedding photographer, but how can someone get the knowledge and the expertise they need to become one?

Take a Course

The best way to get started is to take a course. It doesn’t have to focus on wedding photography at all; all it has to do is to help impart the crucial skills and techniques that surround the trade of taking a photograph. The good thing is that most of these courses already have their own gear there, so the individual doesn’t have to go out and buy an expensive camera in order to participate. Remember to take the courses that are relevant to the personal skill of the photographer, though.

Work under Another

For many people this won’t be practical, but why not work under another photographer? If a photographer is available, they might want help with some menial tasks. It won’t be particularly exciting, but the lessons learned under someone who’s already making a living from this practice can be priceless. They may even be willing to take an apprentice to a live wedding shoot, which can be a great way to get some vital experience.

Attend a Wedding

OK, this isn’t something that can be viably done, but the good thing about this is that in particular beach weddings are quite common. So if a beach wedding is available then there’s nothing stopping anyone from watching from a distance. It’s in the public domain and it can be done. If this happens then keep an eye on the photographer and watch what they do. They will move in a certain way and they will pick certain moments in which to take pictures.

Take Note of the Skills

There are some vital skills that are critical for any wedding photographer. Learn to do the following things before embarking on a career in photography:

• There are a few instances where photographs are posed for, but most of the time the photographer should be like a ghost. They should be staying out of the way of the guests and they shouldn’t be noticed.

• The right equipment is needed for this type of photography. If a large camera is being hauled around then that’s noticeable and it can just get in the way and make people feel uncomfortable.

• Listen to the client. When taking pictures it’s usually up to the photographer to take what they want. When it comes to a wedding give the client exactly what they asked for. Now is not the time for creative experimentation. Photographers and brides only get one shot at that big day.

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